April 25th
written by Alonna

Here’s a few random things I’ve been up to lately…

HP Ski Day at Bogus – Cross Country Skiing with my co-workers Soumya and Theresa:

As you can see it was snowy all morning, but cleared up nicely in the afternoon.


Easter weekend in Minnesota:

We went to the zoo… on the busiest day in Zoo history!  Hence the mound-o-strollers at the Zoo Farm.

Easter eggs and Easter toys…


SWE Conference in Seattle, Washington:

The Cherry Blossoms were blooming on the University of Washington campus.  Also, on the flight home there were clear skies and we flew right next to Mt. Rainier, it was so cool!

The photo on the left below is a SWE group that went on a tour of the Theo Chocolate Factory.  It was fascinating! (and yes, we got LOTS of samples).  Theo Chocolate is the only chocolate making company in the US that is Fair Trade Certified (which means they pay the farmers fair wages).  Also, did you know that Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, which are separated into cocoa solids and cocoa butter?  And the cheaper chocolate bars that you buy in the store are made with cocoa solids mixed with animal or vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter… making them much less healthy.  The chocolate solids that comes out of cocoa beans are the 2nd most anti-oxidant rich food in the world!  (the first is a strange berry from Brazil).  If you don’t like dark chocolate, you should try to acquire a taste for it… it’s much better for you (less fat, more anti-oxidants), and it is very rich so you don’t need much.  I now have a plethora of chocolate knowledge… but I’ll leave it at this 🙂  Try to find some Theo Chocolate in your local whole foods or grocery co-op.

And… the second photo is from a concert I went to in Seattle – my FAVORITE band was playing, Mates of State.  They were fabulous and as you can see I got to stand right in the front!

Hope everyone is having a happy April ~

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  1. Mom Albertus

    What! The cherry blossoms are blooming! Our trees aren’t even leafed out yet ~ totally not fair. It looks like you have been having fun! Luv ya!

  2. Katie Daugherty

    Wow…you sure do visit some scenic places!! Looks like life is good!

  3. Clay

    I still need to try cross country skiing I think I may like it. It sounds like my kind of skiing no steep hills!