Category ‘09.06 – The Alps’

September 14th
written by Alonna

Guten tag! We just arrived in Innsbruck, Austria last night and are heading to Salzburg this afternoon. But first, here’s some miscellaneous photos from the last ~week.


On our way from Southern France to Chamonix in the French Alps, we stopped overnight in Annecy. We didn’t know it before, but this is a popular resort city on a nice lake in the mountains.

Annecy, France Cute canal in Annecy (more…)

September 9th
written by Alonna

I’ve heard there are tons of chair lifts and gondolas in the Alps, but I don’t know how they could top the Aiguille du Midi.  Two lifts take you from the town of Chamonix, straight up the mountain to the top of a 12,000 foot peak, right next to Mont Blanc.  In the photo below, the pointed peak on the left is where the cable car climbs to.  Mont Blanc is the tallest snow-covered peak in the middle.

Aiguille du Midi (sharp peak on left) and Mont Blanc (tallest one)


September 8th
written by Alonna

The view from our mountain chalet in Chamonix:

View from our hostel in Chamonix

Our first stop in the Alps is on the French side, in a popular resort town called Chamonix (sham-oh-nee). The tallest mountain in the alps, Mont Blanc (15,781 ft), is right outside our door. In fact I see it right now as I type this and eat breakfast: (more…)