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September 24th
written by Alonna

Unfortunately, moving on in life means leaving something behind. Here’s a few things that Ben and I will miss the most about Idaho:

Goodbye Boise, we'll miss you

Goodbye Boise, we'll miss you

Thursday Night Mountain Biking
For 7 years we’ve been mountain biking on Thursday nights with a fun group of friends, usually followed by pizza and beer.  Thursday night will never be the same again…

HP Lunch Volleyball
Summer at HP means volleyball! During lunch I ducked out of work to play sand and grass volleyball.  Any volleyball skills I may have, I owe to these guys.  They’re awesome players and friends, and I will never forget them.

Friends and Coworkers
Ben and I have gotten to know a lot of really great people here in Boise.  The hardest part of saying goodbye is knowing that we’re losing the potential of spending more time with them.  To all of our friends and coworkers – we will miss you!

Alonna’s Soccer Team
I’ve had a blast playing on a women’s soccer team in Boise.  Anything we lack in skills we’ve more than made up for by running our butts off and never giving up. Go Bombers!

Ridges to Rivers trail system
They just keep getting better – (more…)

February 17th
written by Alonna

Here’s a few things Ben and I did while hanging out in the Galapagos Islands after our cruise…

Volcano Tour – By Horse

I’m no fan of horses. I guess it’s because I had a bad experience as a kid, but still I just don’t see the point. I’d rather walk than put my life in the hands of a strong-minded animal. So naturally I was disappointed when I learned that the only way to see the huge active volcano on Isabela Island was on horseback. But I really wanted to see the volcano, so I convinced myself that I could do it.

Long story short, we both survived and it was worth it. The horses were very tame and we didn’t have any problems, although I was completely terrified the entire time.


June 19th
written by Alonna

I have to say I do enjoy winning 🙂  Last night I won another 1st place victory – this time in a Volleyball Tournament.  The tournament was organized by some volleyball players at HP.  It’s played on the grass with four people on a team.  We played on Wednesday nights for three weeks in a row, and it just finished last night.  It was a lot of fun, here’s a photo of the entire group (32 players).

(I’m in the front row, middle-left, light blue shirt)

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