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October 10th
written by Alonna

We spent 3 nights in Cesky Krumlov, a really small town in the south of the Czech Republic.  Since it’s small, there’s really not a ton to do there – which was perfect because we needed a little break.  We pretty much spent a few hours each day out walking around the town, and the rest of the time just hanging out at the hostel.  We stayed at a really cute & cozy little hostel called the Krumlov House.  The managers were two girls from New Zealand who were traveling around Europe but stopped there for a few months to make some money.  They were awesome, although a little tricky to understand sometimes (thick accents and goofy words – it’s harder than you’d think!).  There were also some really cool American visitors there, so we had a good time just hanging out with everyone.

Anyway, here’s a few photos from our time there… (more…)

October 7th
written by Alonna

I’ve been slowing down on the blog lately, I know.  It takes a bit of time and usually I enjoy it… but the last couple of weeks I’ve been appreciating my time off and relaxing a little more (in other words, being lazy).  So for those of you who are following along, here’s a quick update.  I hope to post more about these places later.

FYI, even when I’m not posting I usually keep the “Where are we now?” box on the right side of the page up to date, and every once in a while I update the map on the “Travel Plans” page at the top menu.  And if that’s not enough, join Facebook and add Ben and I to your friend list, we add things there occasionally too.

Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic) – 3 nights in a hostel in this small medieval town.  We had a good time wandering the streets, and also hanging out with the hostel managers and guests.

See, I'm relaxing in Ceksy Krumlov Cesky Krumlov (more…)

October 2nd
written by Alonna

Ben and I spent two nights in Prague, Czech Republic; just enough time to realize that it’s an amazing city, but hardly long enough to even scratch the surface.  Prague has really cool architecture, something I’ve heard before but I couldn’t have imagined without seeing it in person.  So far it rivals Paris on my list of beautiful cities in Europe.  Paris is a little softer and prettier, and Prague is a little more striking and edgy.
Alonna enjoying Prague Chargles Bridge and Prague Castle