About Us

written by Alonna



Alonna has enjoyed traveling and outdoor adventures since she was young. From family camping trips to studying abroad in college, she loves to discover and learn about new places. Alonna is particularly partial to beautiful mountain scenery, and if she ever disappears from civilized society you will be sure to find her roaming the mountain tops.

Between her adventures, Alonna is a passionate engineer and active in the Society of Women Engineers, which seeks to encourage more young women to enter this field. She also loves to play soccer and volleyball in her spare time.



Ben likes to mountain bike and snowboard.  When not mountain biking or snowboarding, Ben likes to talk about mountain biking and snowboarding or just think about mountain biking and snowboarding, if no one is around to talk to.

An engineer by training and inclination, Ben is almost always working on some goofy project or another – some examples you might find referred to on this website include kite aerial photography and a photo collage program.

Our Journey

Ben and Alonna met in the summer of 2001 and have shared a passion for outdoor adventure ever since. Ben introduced Alonna to mountain biking and snowboarding, and Alonna introduced Ben to international traveling. After working and saving money for almost 10 years, they decided to take a break from cubicles and 1-week vacations to see the world. And so Ben and Alonna embarked on a year-long travel adventure. Read more about Making the Decision to Travel for a Year, and view their current Travel Plans.