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September 24th
written by Alonna

Unfortunately, moving on in life means leaving something behind. Here’s a few things that Ben and I will miss the most about Idaho:

Goodbye Boise, we'll miss you

Goodbye Boise, we'll miss you

Thursday Night Mountain Biking
For 7 years we’ve been mountain biking on Thursday nights with a fun group of friends, usually followed by pizza and beer.  Thursday night will never be the same again…

HP Lunch Volleyball
Summer at HP means volleyball! During lunch I ducked out of work to play sand and grass volleyball.  Any volleyball skills I may have, I owe to these guys.  They’re awesome players and friends, and I will never forget them.

Friends and Coworkers
Ben and I have gotten to know a lot of really great people here in Boise.  The hardest part of saying goodbye is knowing that we’re losing the potential of spending more time with them.  To all of our friends and coworkers – we will miss you!

Alonna’s Soccer Team
I’ve had a blast playing on a women’s soccer team in Boise.  Anything we lack in skills we’ve more than made up for by running our butts off and never giving up. Go Bombers!

Ridges to Rivers trail system
They just keep getting better – (more…)

February 4th
written by Alonna

Here is proof that I played soccer with a group of guys a couple weeks ago in Ecuador. Thanks to Troy for the photos!

January 26th
written by Alonna

My favorite day in Quito was probably Tuesday, January 19th. Here’s a run-down of events…

7:00 am Woke up to my alarm
7:30 am Breakfast with Pancho & Ignacio. Coffee, scrambled eggs, bread, cheese, jam, and yogurt.
8:00 am Private Spanish lessons for 2.5 hours
10:30 am 30 minute break, sat outside in the warm sun with Stephanie, Jaime & Gareth to discuss our travel plans for the following week.
11:00 am Final hour of Spanish lessons
12:30 pm Lunch with Pancho & Ignacio. Mushroom soup, Chicken with white rice, veggies, and Sprite.
1:30 pm Met Stephanie and Troy to explore the Old Town in Quito. Stephanie is a friend I met in Spanish school from DC. Troy is a fellow travel blogger and photographer who currently lives in Quito – check out his site:
3:00 pm The three of us visit the Basillica (a gothic church on a hill in Quito) and climb precarious stairs and ladders to get to the top of two of the towers. The sun was out, the city was beautiful, and we had fun climbing around and taking photos.
5:00 pm Returned to Spanish school for what I thought was a friendly soccer match with schoolmates. (more…)
June 12th
written by Alonna

Last weekend I played in a soccer tournament in Boise. My team is the Royal Bombers and we’ve been playing together for about 4 years. We play outdoor soccer in the Fall and Spring, and indoor soccer during the winter.   We’re in Division 1 of the Southern Idaho Soccer League (there are 3 divisions, we’re in the middle but are moving up next year).  The playoffs for our division ended in a 3-way tie, so to make it to the championship game we had to do a 3-way shoot-out (penalty kicks). We had 6 people take penalty kicks before we won the shoot-out, and I was one of them – and I made it!  Then we went on to win the division title in the championship game.  It was a fun weekend, but 4 games in 2 days is completely exhausting!