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December 28th
written by Alonna

It’s been really nice to be back in the US for the holidays. We’ve been able to see both of our families, catch up with friends, relax, and plan the next phase of our trip. For Christmas we spent 12 days traveling to both Virginia and Minnesota to visit family, and the common theme for the entire trip was SNOW! Between the huge East Coast snow storm and then the Midwest snow storm, we got our share of snow this holiday season. And for the most part, we loved it!

snow09_01 Snowed-in (more…)

June 6th
written by Bullet-Point Ben

A Bullet-Point Blog by Ben

  • Weekend of May 9th, 2008
  • Visit with the Scott family
    • 5 siblings (Bonnie, Ben, Jon, Beth, Kim)
    • 3 spouses (Jose, Alonna, Amanda)
    • 4 children (Joseph, Joshua, Amanda, Alissa)
    • 1 grandmother (Robin)
  • Table tennis, grilling, photo-sharing, balloon-folding, and long walks on the beach
  • Weather was cold and windy, with a dash of tornado
  • Photos… (more…)
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