August 14th
written by Alonna

I know, I know, we’ve been quiet lately. Returning home from our year of traveling has been a bit of an adjustment. While it was exciting to return home to our things and see our friends and family, putting the trip behind me and returning to work was harder than I expected. But after 4 weeks on the job I’m starting to get the hang of it, and feeling pretty good about life again! Meanwhile, Ben and I have had a great summer… here’s a few highlights.

Mountain Biking

The first bunch of photos is from our annual camping trip to Stanley, Idaho with our HP biking group. The rest are of me and Ben biking around the Boise foothills. We’ve been biking A TON this summer – it’s so nice to have great trails so close to home.

Giving Back to the Couchsurfing Community

While traveling, Ben and I took advantage of to stay with some really nice people around the world who offered us a free place to stay. Now that we’re home, we’ve been hosting travelers passing through.

Ben with couchsurfers Derek and Alex

Ben with couchsurfers Derek and Alex

We met Alex (right) at a hostel in Chile when he was returning from a research assignment in Antarctica. Later we saw him in NYC when we had a long layover en route to Istanbul. Now he’s traveling a bit before heading to D.C. and was able to spend a few days in Idaho.

Derek (middle) was our very first couchsurfer, and a memorable one at that! On his way to Boise he was in a bad motorcycle accident, and crashed into the river off of HWY-21 north of Boise. Luckily his injuries were relatively minor – a punctured lung, broken foot, lots of bruises, and a totaled motorcycle. Derek stayed with us for a week before flying back to New Hampshire where his parents live.

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  1. Annie Miebs

    i can only imagine how hard it would be getting back to reality after an entire year off. it’s hard enough after a week vacation! i’ve so appreciated all your candid blogs about this experience!