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Jerry and Peach Albertus
07/26/2006 , 7:52 PM (MST)
Franktown, CO
  We are so looking forward to meeting you and being at your wedding.  See you soon!. . .Jerry and Peach Albertus

Dave and Karen Parsons
07/18/2006 , 9:08 PM (MST)
  Alonna and Ben,  We would have so enjoyed joining you for your big day. Unfortunately we had prior commitments for the weekend.  We speant our first year in Dillon just down the road from your wedding site and it is so beautiful. Enjoy everything the day brings you! We ocassionally are in Boise and would welcome you in Spokane if you ever come a little north. Wishing you nothing but the best.  Dave and Karen

Joan Rambaum
07/10/2006 , 2:45 PM (MST)
Rosemount, Minnesota
  Alonna:  It was really good to see you at your shower on Sunday.  It has been a real honor to watch you grow up into such a special young woman. Thinking back to all of those neighborhood memories was so special.  Those are times that will be engraved in our minds forever.  Best wishes to you and Ben on your special day.  It will be such a beautiful event and I can only imagine what a beautiful bride you will be.

Mom and Dad
06/06/2006 , 5:53 PM (MST)
Apple Valley, MN
  We are so very happy for the both of you!!  The website looks great and the wedding will be so much fun!  We can't wait to see all the good friends and family that come to share this special occassion with us!!  

05/09/2006 , 10:43 AM (MST)
Burnsville, MN
  Can't wait to go to your wedding! It will be lot's of fun.