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Gore Mountains
About Us

Alonna Faye Albertus
Parents Candy and Guy Albertus

I grew up in Minnesota with my parents and two brothers, Cody and Clay. After high school I went to the Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison for 4 years to get a degree in Computer Engineering. Now here I am working full time for Hewlett-Packard in Boise, ID. I've been here for 3 years, enjoying all the west has to offer - hiking, camping, mountain biking, and snowboarding.

Benjamin Scott
Parents Robin Scott and Robert Scott

Ben grew up in Bowling Green, OH and Wilmore, KY. He has three sisters, Bonnie, Beth and Kim, and one brother, Jon. In 2000, Ben earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating, he took a job with Agilent Technologies in Fort Collins, Colorado, later moving to Boise, ID when Alonna was there for an internship with HP and Colorado tech job market was no longer conducive to gainful employment. In Boise he found a job with Micron Technologies. He's been here for 4 years, and enjoys mountain biking all summer, snowboarding all winter, and hax0ring on computers when the weather is not suitable for outdoor adventure.

How We Met
Summer 2001 - Fort Collins, CO

Ben and I met in Fort Collins, Colorado in the summer of 2001. Ben was working at Agilent Technologies, and I moved there for a 3 month internship with the same company. My cubicle was just 2 down from him, and right away we found things we had in common. One of the first was our tastes in music, as we both liked Radiohead and Built to Spill, and went to see both of their concerts together. The other was our passion for adventure - hiking, camping and sightseeing in the mountians of Colorado. That summer we went on a few adventures together, including a road trip through Southwest Colorado, and hiking two "Fourteeners" (mountains above 14,000 feet) called Grey's and Torrey's. Since then, we've stuck it out through me finishing my school, and our move to Boise, Idaho. We're both very excited to take this next step in our relationship.

Our Engagement
January 22, 2005

Ben and I took a weekend snowboarding trip to Grand Targhee Ski Resort near Jackson, Wyoming. The ski resort is beautiful, right in the mountians with excellent views of the Grand Teton Mountain Range. Dissapointed by the lack of fresh powder (what this ski resort is known for), but inspired by the beautiful weather (clear skies and warmer temperatures), we stopped off at an observation deck to take some pictures. That's where, out of nowhere, Ben pulled out a beautifull diamond ring and asked me to marry him. After being left speachless for what seemed like forever, I finally threw my arms around him and said yes! targhee
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