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July 14th
written by Bullet-Point Ben
  • Day 1: Fisher Creek and Ladd’s Fajitas and horseshoes
  • Day 2: Elk Meadows and aluminum foil sculpture-food and more horseshoes
  • Day 3: Scones and packing up
  • Pictures…


July 9th
written by Bullet-Point Ben
  • Sunday July 6th
  • Elk Meadows / Deer Point Trail at Bogus Basin Ski Resort near Boise ID
  • Approx 7 miles, probably 1K elevation gain.  Well maintained (new) trails, except 92/Shindig, which was a bit more of an adventure.
  • Several Trail markers were missing or mislabeled.  This is common on mountain biking trails and is “part of the fun”.  A wrong turn here means hours of suffering and the possibility of never finding your way back to civilization:
  • Alonna hikes back from taking the wrong turn:
  • Varied and interesting wildflowers everywhere:
  • Also lots of butterflies and bumble bees (not pictured).
  • Never really saw any people, except for two bikers headed the wrong way at the aforementioned fork in the trail.
  • Not much shade, probably because we were criss-crossing ski runs.
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June 28th
written by Alonna

Today Ben and I went on a bike ride.  We attempted to go “early” (10:30am) to avoid the heat, but it still felt like we were biking in a sauna.  The high today was 96 degrees – it seems a little early for it to be this hot in Boise (the high tomorrow is 102!).  But still, you can’t beat the clear blue sky which we see most of the year.  And the biking was still fun – we just took more breaks to enjoy the view…

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June 11th
written by Alonna

For the past four or five years, a group of friends at work have gone on weekly mountain bike rides in the summer, usually followed by beer and pizza. Here’s a photo from last week’s bike ride; we did the Corrals trail with a pretty large group.

HP Bike group - Corrals

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October 14th
written by Alonna
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