June 22nd
written by Alonna

Sometimes photos can’t quite capture the moment the way a short video clip can. Here’s a few fun videos that we took while traveling around the world. Warning – these were taken with the low-quality of our point & shoot cameras, and the poor videomanship of moi. I hope you find them entertaining anyway!

Big Ice

Remember when we hiked around on a glacier in Argentina? Well here’s what ice crunching under your cramp-ons sounds like.


Sounds of Islam

Our introduction to the Islamic call to prayer was in Istanbul, where the eerily beautiful chants provided occasional background music to our sightseeing. At our next stop in Cairo, Egypt (a city of 10 million people, BTW) I was awoken every morning at 4am to this slightly stranger cacophony shouted across the sleeping city.



How to Cross the Parallel Bars

Walking near Bondi Beach in Australia, we stopped at a few of the “exercise stations” along the path. Here’s Ben demonstrating the parallel bars (or whatever this contraption is called). Just try not to laugh, I dare you.




A woodpecker in Argentina, penguins and sea lions in Chile, elephants fighting in South Africa, and fish galore at the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy!





Didgeridoo music at the Sydney Harbor

Sweet sounds of the didgeridoo!


Airplane Fog

On a flight in Ecuador, Ben and I sat down, buckled up, and witnessed fog begin to gush out of the ceiling. We were a bit concerned until someone nearby said it was totally normal for this very humid climate.



  1. Sandra

    Cool! Love the audio aspect of the trip!

  2. mom A.

    Very clever ~ I enjoyed it! I really like the music you paired with the underwater video of the fish. Who’s the artist?

  3. 06/23/2010

    The song is “He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s the Pilot” by the artist Grandaddy (one of Ben’s favorites). Glad you liked it!

  4. Clay

    Awesome videos! Just thought I would check in on your website because I haven’t for a while. All the videos were a pleasant suprise! I think I’m gonna watch them all again later! See you in less than 36 hours? (its 10:12 am on thursday right now) =D