May 23rd
written by Alonna

The Blue Mountains are a 2 hour train ride from Sydney and full of great scenery and hiking. We spent a few days in the small town of Katoomba to enjoy the area. I had thought that “Blue Mountains” was just a name, but looking out over the valley the mountains really are a misty blue color.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains

One of the days we hiked to Wentworth Falls, one of the more interesting waterfalls I’ve ever seen. We hiked across the top of the waterfall, then down really steep stairs to a middle level, and then across the valley on a path along the cliff. It was very cool.

Another day we rented mountain bikes and rode up to a lookout point called Hanging Rock. The biking was awful (rough gravel roads – not our style) but the views were great. The Hanging Rock is a huge rock barely hanging onto the mountainside. It looked like you could hike out onto it – but you’d have to be completely insane (see photos).

After the Blue Mountains it was back to Sydney for 2 nights before our flight out of the country. We were lucky to have lined up couchsurfing for these two nights. Our hosts were a young couple from Russia who have lived in Australia for 2 years and travel a lot as well. We had such a great time staying with them and we learned a little more about both Australia and Russia. Thanks so much Yulya and Tim for hosting us!!
IMG_0196_crop (1200x900)

Couchsurfing hosts Tim & Yulya in Sydney

Next stops: Hawaii for 9 days on the island of Oahu. After that, it’s hard to believe, but we’re headed back home to Boise, Idaho!


  1. mom A.

    Beautiful scenery and beautiful people!! I love Ben’s hat in the biking picture ~ looks very….dapper.

  2. Clay

    I like your stories and pictures.

  3. Becky Kjeldsen

    It makes me nervous just looking at hanging rock…
    very cool pictures!
    Makes me want to go hiking…