May 11th
written by Alonna

Ben and I have spent the last week relaxing near the beach in beautiful Palm Cove, Australia.  One day I walked around the nearby zoo, which had a few of the Australian icons like kangaroos and koalas.  I think kangaroos slightly resemble deer, but with long hind legs and short front paws.  And when they run they really have a spring in their step!  Apparently kangaroos are all over Australia and you can even eat their meat.

The best part of the zoo was the koalas.  They live  in the wild too but are rarely seen. Their fur is extremely soft and they are even more adorable in person than you might think.  They’re like teddy bears that you just want to cuddle up with.  But be careful if you do – just a little squeeze can break their ribs!  I couldn’t resist paying a little extra to hold one 🙂

Here’s some of the animals I saw at the Cairns Tropical Zoo…


  1. Sandra

    Wow!! I love it – great pics! Hope that guy feeding the crocodile doesn’t need that first aid kit. I love that you held a koala – they look so cute. Did you ask if you could bring one home? 🙂

  2. Robin Scott

    How great! And the weather looks good as well. I looked VERY closely to be sure the person feeding that crocodile was NOT either of you!!! Relief.
    Enjoy your visit — and send some photos of the two of you!!

    Love you
    Mom S

  3. Jeanne

    The koala looks cuddly but he has big claws. It is cool that you could hold him. The wombat is cuter than I expected. He looks sad.

  4. Becky Kjeldsen

    Did you see any Joeys? Those kangaroos are funny! That koala looks dangerous if you ask me.

  5. 05/30/2010

    @Becky – no, no Joeys unfortunately. I would have loved to see one inside a pouch.
    Whatever you guys, those Koalas were the cutest and softest things ever, I’m sure they’re harmless – big claws and all 🙂