March 29th
written by Alonna

The ancient sights in Egypt are amazing, and for being 3,000+ years old many of the temples are very well preserved.There are enormous temples all over southern Egypt along the Nile River, built over thousands of years for ceremonies and burials. Almost every square inch is covered in hieroglyphs, and some walls and ceilings still have the original paint used to decorate the carvings.  We absolutely loved wandering through these sights and marveling at the scale and beauty of this ancient world. Here’s some of our photos showing various temples throughout the southern Nile River Valley (Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Luxor).


  1. Sandra

    Excellent photos, wow!! Thank you and enjoy!!

  2. Clay

    So when are you vagabonds finally venturing back to the Unites States of America? Egypt looks awesome! Mom and Dad are in Mexico at the moment =D Fair travels strangers!

  3. mom A.

    Great pictures! You guys look good ~ I think traveling agrees with you.

  4. 04/06/2010

    Clay – we plan to be home at the end of May, and I’ll probably try to come out to Minnesota sometime in June.