February 28th
written by Alonna

After the glacier hike in El Calafate, Ben and I crossed over to Chile to visit the famous park Torres del Paine. This place is a backpackers mecca; everyone goes there to hike the “W”, “O” or if you’re really cool, the “Q” circuit. These are multi-day backpacking & camping treks. Ben and I decided to take a shorter routeĀ  – that we like to call the “J” – which included 2 days of hiking with an overnight in a nice warm Refugio (lodge) with a bed and sheets and bathrooms and showers. For anyone interested, here’s our route:

Our route - the "J" circuit

Our route - the "J" circuit

Note: Map taken and edited from http://www.torres-del-paine.org/map-tdp.html

For everyone else, here’s our photos…

The first day, we hiked to a lookout of Glacier Grey and the Patagonia Icefield. Unfortunately the weather was terrible and we could barely look around without being blown over by the fierce wind. Luckily, the second day we had great weather and some of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen while hiking.


  1. Sandra

    Bed, sheets, bathroom and showers: I heartily concur – that’s the way to do a hike!! Beautiful scenery!

  2. Clay

    nice pictures! After looking at the map I had to look up what lago means cause I wanted to know whether the blue areas were lakes or not. Ask me in a year what lago means in spanish… =D