February 13th
written by Alonna

The Galapagos Islands are home to a range of very unique animals. They traveled here millions of years ago and have been extremely isolated ever since.  Most of them have never had predators, so they are not at all spooked by humans when we’re around. This makes it easy to see lots of animals and get really close to take photos. On the island of Genovesa, the birds are so dense that our tour guide even said to “be careful not to step on any birds.”

Here’s some of the animals we’ve seen on the Galapagos:

Blue-footed Boobies
The symbol of the Galapagos, these birds are found everywhere. Unfortunately we didn’t witness their funny mating dance, but I’m sure we can find it on youtube.

Red-footed Boobies
We saw tons of these guys on Genovesa. They really do look at us with an expression that seems to say “and who the heck are you?” Their babies are adorable white furballs.

Nazca Boobies
Grey feet? How boring 😉

The laziest-looking animal on earth, all they seem to do is lie around all day. It’s fun to spot them though, as they tend to park themselves in all kinds of precarious locations.

Sea Turtles

There are plenty of sea turtles in the islands, and we even saw a couple while snorkeling. We’re pretty sure the tracks on the left are from sea turtles crawling onshore to nest.

Giant Tortoises
Some of the largest tortoises in the world inhabit the Galapagos Islands. We spotted 3 in the wild, but these photos are from the Charles Darwin Research Center where they’re breeding them.

Although the Galapagos Islands lie on the equator, you can find tiny penguins here due to the cold water coming from the south.

There are iguanas galore in the Galapagos. They vary by size and color, but they all have a kind of bad-ass look. Even though they’re relatively small, they seem to say “back-off, you don’t want to mess with me!”

The bright red crabs here are both beautiful and creepy. They crawl and jump around on the black lava rocks with ease, which makes them look like giant spiders with claws, yikes!

Frigate Birds
These birds are thieves; they don’t hunt their food, they steal it from boobies or other birds.

Other Birds
There are tons of birds in the Galapagos, especially on a remote island we visited called Genovesa.



  1. Sandra

    Wow! Very cool! Did they tell you how old the tortoise is (the one next to you in the photo)?

  2. Mom Albertus

    Amazing! Was it hot? Since you were at sea level. But the water was it cold when you were snorkeling (because you said the penquins like the cold water)?

  3. 02/14/2010

    Sandra – I don’t know how old that one was but they usually live to around 100.
    Mom – Yeah it was hot and very humid. The water felt really nice but cooler than you’d think for being on the equator. In the guidebooks they say that sometimes you need a wetsuit for snorkeling, but it was fine where we were. It’s warm season though so that’s probably why.

  4. 02/14/2010

    woow, nice work…looks great!
    Happy and safe trails to you.
    Great meeting you.

  5. 02/26/2010

    I don’t like to ride horses either. What an interesting place to see. Talked to your mom the other day and she told me about your walk on the glacier. Do you remember when we walked on one in Glacier National Park? I don’t want to do that again because I was scared. Keep having fun, Betty