January 14th
written by Alonna

I’ve had so much fun this week with my Spanish school. Mi ProfessorThe school is great – both for learning Spanish and the fun activities. There are probably 30-40 students at the school, of all ages but mostly in the 20’s. It’s a really good mix of people mostly from the US and Europe (Germany, Norway, Sweden, England and Russia). I’ve heard there’s a guy from Boise, but I have yet to meet him since his classes are at a different time then mine. How random!

My teacher is Gerardo and he’s great. I have 1-on-1 lessons for 4 hours per day. It doesn’t sound like much, but trying to speak and listen in another language is a bit exhausting. I’m doing okay at Spanish so far but I hope I can get a lot better. I just need to keep reviewing the grammar and vocab that I’ve forgotten, and then practice practice practice!

Today a group from the school took a field trip to a small town called Saquisili that has a huge market every Thursday. They sell live farm animals (pigs, cows, sheep, etc), lots of produce, grains, etc and also clothing and tourist items.

The little pigs are about $40 each, or four for $120!

And this is what happens when those cute baby pigs grow up (they cook and eat the entire pig – sorry vegetarians):

And to prove how much I’m learning here, look, I made this drink myself!

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