January 12th
written by Alonna

La casa de mi familia

La casa de mi familia

¡Hola desde Quito, Ecuador!

Although I don’t have many photos yet, I wanted to say hello and share a little about my time so far in Ecuador. In summary: so far so good!

I arrived Saturday night and met my fantastic host family here in Quito. Francisco, Dolores, and 1-year-old Ignacio live in a beautiful and cozy home in the city, very close to my Spanish school as well as many shops and cafés. More on them later, but let’s just say that they’ve made my first days alone in a faraway city very comfortable.

I started Spanish school on Monday and so far I’m extremely happy with this school and my instructor. I have 4 hours per day of private one-on-one instructions, and many additional activities offered by the school. For example, Monday night I attended a lecture about the local indigenous medicine men, called shaman. And Tuesday night me and my two left feet participated in Merengue dancing lessons. After that, I’m ready for Wednesday’s cocktail lessons 😉
Me & my dance partner Dancing Attempting to dance merengue

As for Quito itself, I haven’t explored very much. But there’s still plenty of time for that. I will be here for 2 weeks of classes and then 1 more week free before Ben arrives. I have yet to decide how to fill that third week, but I have some ideas so we’ll see how they play out.


  1. Mom Albertus

    What an adventure!! That looks like fun! Can’t wait to hear more. Adios!

  2. Becky Kjeldsen

    I can’t believe you’re already off traveling again!! Do they start you with the basics at Spanish school or do they move ahead because you already have some background? Does your host family speak any English? What an incredible way to explore a city!

  3. Shane

    Looks like you found a fun family to stay with! However, I think the dancing lessons are supposed to come after the cocktail lessons? 🙂

  4. Robin Scott


    How great. I know your familiarity with the language will make a real difference in your adventure and getting a sense of the people.

    Enjoy your cocktail lesson!!!

    Please do keep us all posted! and have lots of fun.


  5. 01/13/2010

    Thanks everyone for the comments.
    Becky – I have private lessons so the teacher just talked to me for a while the first day in Spanish and then decided to start working in the “intermediate” book. So we’re really just reviewing grammar & vocab that I’ve already learned (and since forgotten) and talking a lot to practice. My host family speaks English really well, but after giving me one “free” day, now we’re mostly speaking in Spanish so I can practice.
    Shane – dang, I knew something didn’t feel quite right when we were dancing!

  6. 01/14/2010

    Enjoy Quito! You’ll be fluent in no time and bargaining with the best in the markets (or for more cocktails!) Looking forward to teh rest of your travels!

  7. Sandra

    Looks like you are having a blast!! Are you bringing home one of the little pigs as a tourist souvenir? 🙂