January 22nd
written by Alonna

The last two weeks have flow by; it’s hard to believe I’ve completed my last Spanish class and homestay in Quito. My Spanish has definitely improved and I’m having fun trying to speak it. I hope to continue to practice for the next month while I’m in South America.

I can’t say enough great things about my host family here in Quito. They welcomed me into their home and made me feel like part of their family. They have a lovely house just a block away from the school and very close to La Mariscal, a popular area for tourists with restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops (in fact, it’s sometimes referred to as “gringoland” since there are so many white foreigners).

In the house, I have my own room and bathroom upstairs with everything I need. When I arrived there was a huge bouquet of beautiful pink roses in my room as a belated birthday gift!

My host mother Dolores is so sweet and always asking about my day and how things are going. She works in the travel industry and is gone most of the day, but always has a warm smile when I see her. My host father Pancho works from home and takes care of baby Ignacio. He has been so helpful and friendly during my stay. Any time I need anything – to find an ATM, a sim card for my phone, etc – he goes out of his way to help. Little Ignacio is 15 months old and has adorable curly hair and big brown eyes. By now he’s warmed up to me and is always running around saying “na-na”, just like my nieces did when they were little! I’ve also met Dolores’s parents and brother, who are all very nice as well.

Although I’m sad to leave this great family and home, I have a lot of exciting things ahead of me. On Saturday I’m heading out of Quito with 3 friends I’ve met at the school. We’re going to travel south for a week to Laguna Quilotoa, Baños, and Cuenca. From Cuenca I will fly back to Quito on Friday the 29th to meet Ben. Ben and I will travel around for another week before heading to the Galapagos Islands, which we are really looking forward to.

¡Muchas gracias Dolores, Pancho, and Ignacio por su hospitalidad,
voy a extrañarles!



  1. Sandra

    What a great way to learn the language and the culture!

  2. Mom Albertus

    What a beautiful little boy and family! Sounds like they took good care of you! Happy Travels!