January 26th
written by Alonna

My favorite day in Quito was probably Tuesday, January 19th. Here’s a run-down of events…

7:00 am Woke up to my alarm
7:30 am Breakfast with Pancho & Ignacio. Coffee, scrambled eggs, bread, cheese, jam, and yogurt.
8:00 am Private Spanish lessons for 2.5 hours
10:30 am 30 minute break, sat outside in the warm sun with Stephanie, Jaime & Gareth to discuss our travel plans for the following week.
11:00 am Final hour of Spanish lessons
12:30 pm Lunch with Pancho & Ignacio. Mushroom soup, Chicken with white rice, veggies, and Sprite.
1:30 pm Met Stephanie and Troy to explore the Old Town in Quito. Stephanie is a friend I met in Spanish school from DC. Troy is a fellow travel blogger and photographer who currently lives in Quito – check out his site: FOGGOdyssey.com
3:00 pm The three of us visit the Basillica (a gothic church on a hill in Quito) and climb precarious stairs and ladders to get to the top of two of the towers. The sun was out, the city was beautiful, and we had fun climbing around and taking photos.
5:00 pm Returned to Spanish school for what I thought was a friendly soccer match with schoolmates. I happily joined two guys from the school and headed to the “field” (a patch of uneven grass near a stadium). Some other guys showed up that they knew, and a bunch of random people at the park wanted to join in. This turned into a 8 vs. 8 match of 15 guys and me. It was great fun and an even better workout, but playing with these guys was rough. I was completely exhausted after an hour and a half. Have I mentioned that Quito is at 9,000 feet?
8:30 pm Dinner with Dolores, Pancho & Ignacio
9:30 pm Spanish Homework & journal
10:30 pm Falling asleep as my head hits the pillow…


  1. Sandra

    Wow, what beautiful views!
    No wonder you were so tired by the time you got to the soccer game – all that climbing you did earlier in the day!

  2. 01/26/2010

    Was a fun day and glad I got to show ya round. Lucy is going to go out and celebrate on Friday night, as she turns in her thesis finally. So she wants to get mucho boracho! lol

    Were down for going to the Middle of the World Sat or Sunday with you and Ben if you want. I think maybe Sunday would be better but let me know what works for you. Let me know what ya think!

    …and thanks for the website mention! 🙂

  3. 02/03/2010

    Love it all! And I know of Troy (FOGGOdyssey). He writes for Go Backpacking, which is run by a fellow Briefcase to Backpacker @rtwdave (on Twitter). Love how travel worlds collide.