December 14th
written by Alonna

Many people asks what our favorite place was during our recently completed 3 month trip to Europe. Even though we’ve settled on a generic (but honest) answer of “all of Italy and Greece”, of course there’s a lot more of our trip to share. Here’s a few favorites…

Favorite Scenery: Chamonix, France


Favorite Time Spent with Family: Amsterdam, Belgium, and Paris with our Moms!


Favorite Ancient Ruins: Pompeii, Italy

Runners up: Pont du Gard in Nimes, France; Acropolis in Athens; and all of Rome


Favorite Hostel: Chalet La Source in Chamonix, France


Favorite Castle: Carcassonne


Favorite Landmark at Night: Eiffel Tower


Other Favorite Photos:


  1. 12/14/2009

    Sweet pictures and categories. Really like the picture of the boats in Venice!

  2. Mom Albertus

    Wow! I can see why those were your favorites ~ great shots!

  3. Clay

    sweet 😉 cool!