November 30th
written by Alonna

Now that we’ve been home for a couple weeks, I’ve had a chance to sort through our photos. It has been fun to re-live our trip through the photos (all 8,000+ of them!). I found some good ones that never made it on the site during our trip, so I will post some of them here and there. But before that, here’s a little more on our time in Rome…


We’ve seen some amazing churches, but you gotta love the simplicity and ancient grandeur of this Roman “church” built to honor all of the gods. The Pantheon is very well preserved because it was converted into a Christian church later on. The best thing about this building is the dome, which shows yet again how advanced the Roman’s were 2,000 years ago. Michelangelo studied this ancient dome when making plans for St. Peter’s Basilica. I never cease to be amazed that it took 1400 years for people to recreate something as simple (by today’s standards) as a dome or realistic looking art.

Trevi Fountain

We stopped by the Trevi fountain, and I got a kick out of how touristy this spot is. Artistically and historically it’s not all that significant (relatively), but this was the most densely packed tourist area we found in Rome. The fountain was nice, but there’s just something about seeing hundreds of people posing for a photo that makes it seem so lame.

On a side note, check out a few articles about us on this great website, Briefcase to Backpack:


  1. Sandra

    Wow! cool new pics – and I love the articles in “Briefcase to Backpack”!! You’re famous!! Nice perspective – I’d never thought of the work you did ahead of time to take a year off.

  2. Clay

    I like the pictures and what you said about Pantheon. Very interesting! 😉