November 16th
written by Alonna

Just a quick note to say that we made it home to Boise, about 22 hours after leaving our apartment in Rome. All of the flights went well, but we’re exhausted. It feels nice to be at home, and to be in the US where everything just seems normal and comfortable. And I was amazed when I got home to look through my drawers and closet to see how much clothing I own. And to think I used to complain about having nothing to wear!

We’ll probably keep updating the website now and then, with some general observations from Europe, maybe some details on what we packed and how our budget turned out, and of course, stay tuned as we plan the next stage of our adventure.


  1. Sandra Capri

    Welcome Back!!!

  2. Robin Scott

    Welcome Home!! So good to hear everything went well and that you are glad to be home!

    When you get a chance — check out the Tidewater area weather last week — the entire area around my office was flooded and unreachable for three days. We developed 4 leaks in the house we never had before! What a week.

    Do you have snow in Boise?
    Look forward to seeing you NEXT MONTH!!!

    Love ya both
    Mom S

  3. 11/20/2009

    Welcome back guys! Hope you have a great holiday season and home and can’t wait to hear about your next travel plans.

    Your three-month check-in is now on the site:

    Looking forward to checking in again down the road.


  4. Lori McFall

    glad you made it home safely! was it kind of a culture shock to be home? i can’t imagine after being so many different places for so long. are you going to be in WR for christmas? that’s when we will be there. brett is dying to talk to you guys about your trip. hope you have a good thanksgiving!