November 9th
written by Alonna

Ben and I are fascinated by ancient history and have enjoyed seeing Roman ruins in Europe. We took a step even further back in time by traveling to Greece for a week, and we love it! We spent 2 full days in Athens, the birthplace of modern civilization. The Ancient Greeks made huge leaps in government, philosophy, science, and art.  It’s been amazing to see ruins and artifacts from this era and imagine all of this happening over 2000 years ago.

Athens is a huge sprawling city, but all of the tourist sites are concentrated near the Acropolis (a big rock in the center of the city with the Parthenon and other ancient temples). This area of Athens is really nice, with pretty pedestrian streets, shopping, cafe’s, museums, and ancient ruins sprinkled throughout. Most of the buildings in Athens are white or light-colored, giving the whole city a pretty Mediterranean look.  Overall we really loved Athens. Here’s some of our photos…


  1. Robin Scott

    I am so glad you got to Greece. How very great. I understand that the country side is absolutely awesome as well. Will you get to see of that?

    Thank you so for sharing all of your photos and adventures with all of us.

    Quick question: Do you have a FAVORITE photo of the two of you in a special European setting that perhaps captures your trip in one photo? If so, please send it — I would love to make an 8×10 to frame and hang.

    Mom S

  2. 11/09/2009

    Right now we’re in Nafplio, Greece, which is about 2 hours drive from Athens. We rented a car to drive out here, so we’ve gotten to see the country side and a few of the different ancient ruins in the area. You heard right, the countryside here is gorgeous!

    p.s. we’ll work on choosing a photo for you

  3. Sandra

    I’ll say it again – I’m SOOOO Jealous!!! What a beautiful place!!

  4. Mom Albertus

    Very nice!! Looks like you had sunny and warm weather. Love looking at your pictures. I thought I heard that the ruins weren’t that great in Athens ~ but it looks very cool. The food looks yummy!!