October 2nd
written by Alonna

Ben and I spent two nights in Prague, Czech Republic; just enough time to realize that it’s an amazing city, but hardly long enough to even scratch the surface.  Prague has really cool architecture, something I’ve heard before but I couldn’t have imagined without seeing it in person.  So far it rivals Paris on my list of beautiful cities in Europe.  Paris is a little softer and prettier, and Prague is a little more striking and edgy.
Alonna enjoying Prague Chargles Bridge and Prague Castle

Also, Ben told me before we arrived that Prague was an inspiration for the video game Gears of War, which we’ve both played a lot.  So we couldn’t help but continuously spot buildings that looked straight out of the game.  Also, if you’ve played it you know about the “krill” – the super scary birds that tear you to pieces if you venture into the dark.  Well, I’m convinced they got this idea from Prague – there are birds just like them that fly around the top of buildings day and night.  So cool!

Anyway, it was cloudy most of our time in Prague so the photos are a bit gloomy.  Since the architecture is really the amazing part of this city, I’ll try to give you an idea by posting lots of photos of buildings.

City Views

Prague with a little sunshine Prague Prague Prague Charles Bridge (partially under construction) Charles Bridge


Prague architecture Prague architecture Prague architecture Prague architecture Prague architecture Prague architecture Prague architecture Prague architecture Prague architecture Prague architecture

Various Sites in Prague

The Prague castle sits up on a hill near town, and inside is an impressive gothic church. There’s great stained glass and other decorations inside, and also a special temple for St. Wenceslas, the patron saint of the Czech people.
prague_sights_02 prague_sights_04 prague_sights_05 prague_sights_08 prague_sights_06 prague_sights_07

The photos below are in St. Wenceslas square and the National Theatre on the end. This is where the Czech people protested the communist government in 1989 and had a successful non-violent revolution (called the Velvet Revolution).
prague_sights_09 prague_sights_10

The following photos are from the old town square. There happened to be a bike race going on when we were there. The tall church with spooky Gear of War-ish towers is from the 14th century.
prague_sights_14 prague_sights_11 prague_sights_13
And who can resist a few night photos…
Tower at Charles Bridge Prague at night Prague at night

We’ve spent the last 3 nights in a small Czech town called Cesky Krumlov. It’s been nice and relaxing. Now we’re headed to Vienna, Austria for 3 nights of couchsurfing. Woohoo!


  1. Eric Lipari

    I loved Prague too, but only had 2 days there myself. I wish I could have stayed longer. Enjoying following you guys around Europe. Keep up with good work with the updates.

  2. Eric Lipari

    BTW were you able to see the Prague Astronomical Clock chime in an hour when you were there? I hope you did…amazing technology for being 600 years old.

  3. 10/03/2009

    No, we didn’t see the clock on the hour, bummer. Well, I can probably find a youtube video, should be just as good 😉