October 21st
written by Alonna

We now have less than a month left of our Europe trip!  We’ll return home to Boise on November 16th from Rome.  Here’s an update on where we’ve been the last week and our plans for the rest of the trip…

After Budapest we took a budget flight to Venice, Italy and spent two nights.  Venice was amazing.  We spent most of our time wandering the streets and enjoying beautiful views of canals, gondolas, churches, and Venetian style buildings at every turn.  We’ll post photos soon.

Following Venice we decided to chill out in Florence for a week.  We’ve been here 7 nights in a cute little apartment near the city center.  It’s been really nice to relax, unpack our bags, have a kitchen, and stay put for a while.  Unfortunately, I got some bad news from home that my Grandfather passed away.  It’s been tough to be far away from my family right now, but I’ve been using Skype to keep in touch and I’ve been taking it easy most of this week.  Grandpa was a caring, funny, and generous man and I will miss him.

Despite this bad news, we are excited to be in Italy, one of the places we were most looking forward to on this trip.  So far it hasn’t let us down – beautiful scenery, amazing history and art, great food, and nice people with cute Italian accents.  Our plan for the rest of the trip is to travel through Italy, hitting the following places: Cinque Terre, Pisa, Siena, other Hill Towns in Tuscany, Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi coast.  We will also be spending 6 nights in Greece to visit Athens, Peloponnese, and maybe an island.  Originally we also wanted to see Croatia and Istanbul, Turkey, but at this point in the trip we’ve slowed down our pace and I think we’ll have to cut them out.  But no worries, we’ll just add it to the list of places to come back to!

Thanks to everyone for following along on our trip.  I’ve enjoyed using this blog as a way to share our photos and what we’ve been up to.  Until next time, Ciao!


  1. Sandra

    Oh Alonna, I’m so sorry about you losing your Grandpa! It’s hard to be away from home when there is a family tragedy. Hang in there.

    Enjoy Venice – it sounds beautiful!

  2. Robin Scott

    Alonna, So sorry to hear about your Grandfather. I know it must be difficult to be out of the country at this time.

    Italy seems so much more light-hearted than the heaviness that seemed to be in Hungary. I hope you really enjoy the country.

    Robin/Mom S

  3. Clay

    Its hard to imagine there is anywhere else worth going! I would not normally have realized how many cool places there are in the world.