October 31st
written by Alonna

After Cinque Terre, Ben and I headed to Siena for 3 nights. Compared to it’s old rival, Florence, Siena has a charming small-town feel, with hills and narrow cobblestone streets. As an unexpected bonus, the hotel we’d booked had a big terrace with an amazing view of the city. Here’s a few photos from the terrace:

The main sites in Siena are Il Campo and the Duomo (Cathedral). Il Campo is a round amphitheater-like piazza spreading out from the City Hall at the bottom.

The Duomo in Siena is incredible. The facade on the front is probably the best we’ve seen. But the inside of the Cathedral is just as impressive – with marble mosaics all over the floor. There was some good art as well, including a Michelangelo statue (and yes – his statues are noticeably better than others), and a room with really cool frescos all over the walls. Apparently they wanted to build even more Duomo, but it was never completed, as you can see from an unfinished wall outside.

A few more photos from the streets of Siena.

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