October 10th
written by Alonna

We spent 3 nights in Cesky Krumlov, a really small town in the south of the Czech Republic.  Since it’s small, there’s really not a ton to do there – which was perfect because we needed a little break.  We pretty much spent a few hours each day out walking around the town, and the rest of the time just hanging out at the hostel.  We stayed at a really cute & cozy little hostel called the Krumlov House.  The managers were two girls from New Zealand who were traveling around Europe but stopped there for a few months to make some money.  They were awesome, although a little tricky to understand sometimes (thick accents and goofy words – it’s harder than you’d think!).  There were also some really cool American visitors there, so we had a good time just hanging out with everyone.

Anyway, here’s a few photos from our time there…


  1. Sandra

    What a cool village!!! Excellent old buildings and neat old place you are staying in!

  2. Robin Scott

    How great!! Thank you for the updates. How do you find life in the Czech Republic?? Where do you go next? I note you are wearing long sleeve shirts — is the temperature dropping?

    Love ya,

    Mom S

  3. 10/11/2009


    The Czech Republic was a nice place. Still recovering from WWI, WWII, and communism, but making a determined comeback.

    Currently we’re in Budapest, Hungary, next we’re going to Venice