October 21st
written by Alonna

Ben and I didn’t really hit it off with Budapest the way some people seem to.  I guess different cities just suit different people.  Other factors are involved too, like your mood, the weather, how long you’ve been traveling, and just random events and people.  But we ended up staying there 5 nights to take a break and relax.  We also met some cool people at the hostel that we enjoyed chatting with.

Here’s some things we liked about our time in Budapest:

  • Cheap & good hostel
  • Great hostel manager with a cool name (Zoltan)
  • Awesome hostel guests and good conversations
  • House of Terror Museum (terrors of the Nazis and the Soviet Union)
  • Relaxing, hanging out in the hostel, cooking our own meals
  • Goulash soup

Less-desirable things about our time in Budapest:

  • Lousy weather
  • Confusing and totally overrated Thermal Baths (sorry to those of you who love them)
  • Run down and dirty feel of the city
  • Deafeningly loud subway system
  • More expensive food than we expected, even the groceries

Here’s some photos we took of the city.


  1. Sandra Capri

    Beautiful synagogue! I had no idea the 2nd largest in the world was in Budapest!

    Zoltan! I love it! no photos of Zoltan?

  2. 10/21/2009

    Yeah, the synagogue was pretty from the outside but it was closed when we stopped by so we didn’t get to go in. Ha ha, no, unfortunately no photos of Zoltan. He did look pretty cool 😉

  3. Eric Lipari

    Awesome pictures. I’m a big fan of the Red Bull Air Races, and when they go to Budapest they set up the course right in front of the Parliament Building over the river. Would love to get here someday.