October 17th
written by Alonna

It seems like so long ago that Ben and I went biking along the Danube River in Austria, but it’s only been a little over a week. Compared to where we’ve been since – Budapest and Venice – it was so sunny and even hot.

So anyway, while we were in Vienna I read about this bike trail nearby along the Danube River, and we decided to give it a shot. We wanted a little change from the big city sightseeing; to head into the country and get some exercise other than walking. So we headed to Krems, Austria on a morning train, found a hotel, rented bikes and headed down the Danube. It was so beautiful and we really enjoyed the ride. The trail is paved, fairly well-marked, and follows the river through little towns and countless vineyards. We only rode an out-and-back of 12 miles one way, but the entire trail is much longer and you can do multiple-day trips. Since it’s October the grapes were ripe and so we saw people picking and loading them into trucks. It also smelled like grapes… but not really in a good way, it smelled like rotten fruit. Overall the whole trip was really fun and we were glad that we went a little out of the way and spent a day on it.

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