October 7th
written by Alonna

I’ve been slowing down on the blog lately, I know.  It takes a bit of time and usually I enjoy it… but the last couple of weeks I’ve been appreciating my time off and relaxing a little more (in other words, being lazy).  So for those of you who are following along, here’s a quick update.  I hope to post more about these places later.

FYI, even when I’m not posting I usually keep the “Where are we now?” box on the right side of the page up to date, and every once in a while I update the map on the “Travel Plans” page at the top menu.  And if that’s not enough, join Facebook and add Ben and I to your friend list, we add things there occasionally too.

Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic) – 3 nights in a hostel in this small medieval town.  We had a good time wandering the streets, and also hanging out with the hostel managers and guests.

Vienna (Austria) – 4 nights with our awesome couchsurfing host, Katy.  We  loved Vienna and had so much fun hanging out with Katy and her friends. Vienna is a really beautiful city, but it still has a live-able feel to it; like a perfect mixture of Paris and Prague.

Biking the Danube (Austria) – we just spent a day biking a nice paved trail along the Danube River in northern Austria (1 hour east of Vienna).  The weather was beautiful and so was the scenery – rolling hills covered with vineyards and little towns with old castles and churches.

Next stop is Budapest, Hungary.  We’ve heard such great things about Budapest, I can’t wait to get there.  Also Ben has discovered that he loves goulash, so it’ll be fun to go there and try the ‘real’ thing.



  1. Mom Albertus

    Hey, I’ve been wondering about you two. Glad to hear you’re still enjoying yourselves. Seems like the cities just keep getting better and better. Since you’ve discovered you like goulash ~ get a good recipe while your over there. When you get back you can make us an authentic meal!!

  2. Kelli Mather

    Vienna is so awesome huh!? Tony and I loved that town so much, and it exactly has that live-able feel to it, it was the real first town we both were like “Let’s live here for a year.”

    Glad to hear you guys are doing awesome and having fun.

  3. Sandra Capri

    sounds like you had a great time in Austria and the Czech Republic! Hope Budapest is as cool!