September 14th
written by Alonna

Guten tag! We just arrived in Innsbruck, Austria last night and are heading to Salzburg this afternoon. But first, here’s some miscellaneous photos from the last ~week.


On our way from Southern France to Chamonix in the French Alps, we stopped overnight in Annecy. We didn’t know it before, but this is a popular resort city on a nice lake in the mountains.

Chamonix (more)

In Chamonix we took another cable car ride with great views of Mont Blanc and Aiguille du Midi.

Chateau de Chillon

On the way to Interlaken, Switzerland, I planned in a 4 hour layover in Montreux, Switzerland. I don’t know much about Montreux except that it’s on Lake Geneva, and there’s a cool castle there called Chateau de Chillon. So we stored our luggage in lockers and checked out the castle. The castle is pretty big with lots of different rooms to explore. I could totally see me and my brothers as kids running around playing tag or hide and seek in this castle (or better yet, ghosts in the graveyard at night!). The castle is situated on a rock jutting out into the lake, with mountains in the background. Different parts of the castle are different ages, with the oldest tower is from the 12th century.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

We spent 3 nights in the “Jungfrau” region of Switzerland (in the center near Interlaken, in the Alps). Unfortunately it was cloudy or hazy most of the time, so even though we got some good views of the mountains, the photos never really worked out. But it was obvious that this area is very beautiful. If we hadn’t just spent 5 days in the mountains in Chamonix and the weather was better, I think we would have spent a lot more time here. Maybe it’s a place we can come back to some day.

One day we went up a cable car to the Schilthorn mountain, and the other day we went “mountain” biking. That’s in quotes because basically we rented mountain bikes but spent most of the time on paved roads.  Unfortunately we haven’t found any real mountain biking in Europe yet… if anyone knows of a place with real single track dirt trails, let us know!


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  1. Sandra Capri

    Incredible!!! I’ve never seen Switzerland, but that’s even prettier than I imagined it!!