September 8th
written by Alonna

The view from our mountain chalet in Chamonix:

View from our hostel in Chamonix

Our first stop in the Alps is on the French side, in a popular resort town called Chamonix (sham-oh-nee). The tallest mountain in the alps, Mont Blanc (15,781 ft), is right outside our door. In fact I see it right now as I type this and eat breakfast:

Breakfast in Chamonix Chalet in Chamonix

After almost non-stop sightseeing, Ben and I were in need of a break. It turns out that backpacking is a little bit of work – just figuring out where to stay, how to take trains and metros, and finding affordable food, takes a decent amount of time and effort. Driving was a little stressful as well, so finally we both just wanted to plop down somewhere and take it easy.

Chamonix was next on our list anyway, so we booked 2 nights at a small hostel-like chalet… we’re now going on our 4th night and are considering a 5th. We couldn’t have found a better place to settle down for a few days. The chalet has 3 guest rooms, but after the first two nights, we are the only ones left. The manager, Oliver, lives downstairs and we’ve had a good time hanging out and talking with him. Did I mention the view? The living room has huge windows with a panoramic view of the mountain range. It’s spectacular. And that’s not really a word I use often.

View from the chalet living room Paragliders in Chamonix are everwhere Hanging out in Chamonix Doing laundry in the Alps

So that’s where we are now. Yesterday we had an amazing day hiking and riding a gondola to the top of a peak next to Mont Blanc.  I’ll post photos soon…

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  1. Mom Albertus

    That looks awesome!! I vote for staying a 5th and 6th night!! That’s why you have a year to travel ~ so that when you find somewhere you really like you can stay there until you feel like leaving. ENJOY!! Can’t wait to see more photos.