September 29th
written by Alonna

We spent 3 nights in Berlin with my cousin Jessica, and aunt Robin.  Jessica lives with her husband in Germany, and Robin came to visit her.  They were nice enough to let us share part of their vacation!  We kept ourselves busy sightseeing… Berlin is huge and there’s a lot to see.  My favorites were the Berlin wall (there are markers everywhere that show where the wall was, and photos that show how it used to look), a cool flea market with local designers and artists, and the Brandenburg gate.

Lots of photos…


  1. Sandra

    Snack Point Charlie – what a kick!
    I’m surprised the E. German cars are trendy – I thought they had really noisy and polluting engines – has that changed?

  2. 09/30/2009

    Hmm, I don’t know, but I doubt that’s changed. And not everyone likes them, Dave said this on Facebook:
    Also the cars… called “Trabants” are called for short “trapy’s”… but I prefer the term “crapy’s”. Those cars go so slow on the autobahn, when you drive fast and pass them, they come at you as though they were driving towards you. It’s like a game of frogger… to drive on an east German highway because of those cars!