August 24th
written by Alonna

We spent one night and most of two days in Bruges, Belgium.  Unfortunately, we chose the WRONG time to go – it was a Saturday and Sunday and completely overrun with tourists.  The main streets were packed and it just wasn’t very pleasant.  However, we found the town totally adorable, and just one or two streets off the main drag was empty and completely charming.  We also had a great time trying all the ‘typical’ Belgium food and drink… waffles, fries with mayo, AMAZING chocolate, and beer.  Yummy.  All in all, I would definitely recommend Bruges to others, but please do not go on a summer weekend, it kind of ruined the place for us.  I can imagine being there on a quiet weekday and just falling in love with the place.


  1. Eric Lipari

    I completely concur. When I went during a weekend in April, I had the same experience. A ton of tourists on the main drags, but empty on the off beaten paths. But still a nice, quaint city.

  2. Clay

    Cool Pictures! I recognize a lot of the buildings from a movie a watched recently. I think it was called “In Bruges” and was a dark comedy. Actually one of the main scenes occurred in and around the bell tower!