August 18th
written by Alonna

At the airport, heading off to Europe

Now that I’m sitting here in the Boise Airport, I’m finally SUPER excited to be heading to Europe.  However, the last few days  have been a bit stressful.  As we tried to get the house ready for our renter and make final arrangements before heading off for three months, the time we had left to finish everything just slipped away.  And today when the taxi arrived (10 minutes early, which didn’t help), we scrambled to finish picking up and getting our stuff together.

Phew, but now we’re here.  Yay!  And as far as we know, we haven’t forgotten anything.  So we’re good 🙂

So, our plan is to blog throughout our trip.  We’ll see how it goes with frequency, but at the very least you should hear from us once a week.

The first stop is Amsterdam, where we’ll be joined by both of our Moms.  We don’t have internet at our hotel there, but we might get a chance to stop at an internet cafe.

Bye for now!

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  1. 08/18/2009

    Woo-hoo!! Have so much fun! I can’t wait to read all about your travels!