June 14th
written by Alonna

Our plan for Europe is to take one backpack each and travel around for 3 months.  We’re keeping our itinerary flexible in case we want to change our pace, hear of new places, or want to stay somewhere longer.  So although it’s guaranteed to change… here’s our initial plan of where we’ll go when:

Date Days Location

18-Aug 1 Fly to Amsterdam
19-Aug 3 Amsterdam, Netherlands
22-Aug 2 Brugge, Belgium
24-Aug 5 Paris, France
29-Aug 3 Barcelona, Spain
1-Sep 1 Arles, France
2-Sep 18 Alps (French, Swiss, Austrian)
20-Sep 5 Munich, Germany
25-Sep 2 Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
27-Sep 1 Prague, Czech Republic
28-Sep 3 Berlin, Germany
1-Oct 3 Krakow, Poland
4-Oct 3 Budapest, Hungary
7-Oct 3 Vienna, Austria
10-Oct 3 Venice, Italy
13-Oct 3 Cinque Terre, Italy
16-Oct 9 Tuscany, Italy
25-Oct 3 Sorrento, Italy
28-Oct 5 Rome, Italy
2-Nov 2 Dubrovnik, Croatia
4-Nov 6 Athens, Greece
10-Nov 4 Istanbul, Turkey
14-Nov 2 Rome, Italy
16-Nov Fly Home


  1. 06/25/2009

    Remaining flexible on the road is very important as you also don’t know how far your dollar will take you in a place – especially in Europe. But don’t underestimate
    staying in hostels – from what I’ve heard they have greatly improved in Europe. I want to book a trip myself! And they are also a great place to meet other travelers and get tips on other places to go. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  2. Clay

    Holy crap looks like your going to every major city in Europe! =D Have fun. Your new website looks great. Hope all is well. Take care.