March 7th
written by Alonna

Last Summer Ben and I went biking at Bogus Basin Ski Resort outside of Boise.  Ben had the sweet idea of taking photos of the exact same locations in summer and winter.  We forgot to look at the summer photos before heading up to Bogus yesterday – but we took a bunch of pictures anyway and some of them matched up pretty well.  So, here you have examples of Bogus Basin in the summer vs. winter!


  1. Mom Albertus

    Looks like it was absolutely beautiful up there yesterday!!! A couple of days ago while we were watching the weather channel and eating ~ dad said it was snowing in the Boise area. Looks like he was right. I am so jealous! How nice to have that so close. I love the contrast in the pictures ~ very cool.

  2. Alonna

    Thanks Mom, yes, it was BEAUTIFUL! I think I enjoyed the scenery more than the snowboarding (although that was fun too). The trees looked so pretty with all the snow, especially with the bright blue sky!