November 11th
written by Alonna

After my SWE Conference in Baltimore, I took a train to Washington DC.  I’ve never been there before and since I was so close (a 40-min train ride), I decided to squeeze it in.  I stayed over night Saturday and then got up really early on Sunday to see the sights.  My flight left at 5:30pm so I didn’t have much time.

I was out on the “mall” by 8am, and it was a beautiful day!  There was hardly anyone out yet, only a few other tourists and joggers.  You can see this in some of my earlier photos – later in the day it became much more crowded.  I walked all around the mall from one end to the other – it’s a lot further than it looks!

The museums opened at 10am and by that time I needed a break from the walking anyway.  I visited the Air & Space Museum first.  It’s huge and there’s a lot of really cool things to see – a lunar module, hubble telescope, Wright Brother’s airplane, Amelia Earhart’s airplane, etc.  I could have spent a lot more time there, but I went through fairly quickly (~1 hour) so I could see more.  Next I went to the Natural History Museum (by the way, the American History Museum was closed for renovation).  This museum was very cool too, and again I could have spent a lot more time there.  Next time I guess!  By then I had a little over an hour before heading back for my flight, so I decided to visit the Holocaust Museum.  Wow.  I thought I already knew a lot about the Holocaust, but nothing prepares you for this.  I don’t really think I can describe it, you would just have to go yourself.  And you definitely should – it’s a must see.  Unfortunately it left me leaving DC feeling kind of depressed…

Anyway, it was really fun to spend a day in DC.  I kind of like traveling by myself, it makes me feel independent.  But, I think it would have been even nicer to have someone with me – to comment and discuss things with, and especially so they could take photos of me!


  1. Mom Albertus

    Once again great pictures! I’m amazed at how huge the Washington Monument is when you are up close to it. Also the trees still have their leaves – some of them are even still green, but mostly they are very pretty colors!! Did you start that book? I haven’t got around to reading it myself ~ so don’t fill guilty if you haven’t.

  2. 11/12/2008

    Yeah, I thought the trees were really pretty. It would be really cool to be there in the spring when the Cherry Blossoms bloom. About the book (Was God on Vacation) – I read it almost the entire flight home! It’s a really interesting (scary/sad/awful) story about the Nazi concentration camps… I’m sure I will finish reading it soon. I’ll bring it back on Thanksgiving and you can give it another try!