November 10th
written by Alonna

I’m back in Boise after a long weekend in Baltimore for the Society of Women Engineers Conference.  The conference was great!  Here’s some photos from the weekend…

HP Recruiting on Thursday night:

During a break from workshops and SWE meetings, my new HP friend Amy and I wandered the career fair.  I gathered a bunch of goodies to give away at SWE events.  Oh, we also found the Microsoft booth and played guitar hero 🙂

The HP group went to a formal SWE Awards Banquet on Friday night, where we cheered on a fellow HP employee who won an award.

I attended SWE meetings as my section representative – we voted on important issues regarding how SWE is run.  This group is like the legislative branch of SWE and it was a really interesting experience.  Especially because there was a couple very controversial issues at stake!  Here’s me taking notes and everyone holding up their green voting cards.

Finally, here’s some other random photos of Baltimore and the conference…



  1. Mom Albertus

    Cool pictures of Baltimore! Looks like an interesting event. Are you going to put up pictures of DC too?

  2. 11/11/2008

    Thanks. Yes, I’m hoping to put up photos of DC soon – maybe tonight. I have some really good ones since the weather was so nice.

  3. Amy

    Great photos, Alonna! I’d love to see your DC photos too. It was fun meeting you and hanging out. See you in Seattle!