October 21st
written by Alonna

Last weekend we took a road trip to Moab.  Ahh, Moab, I love that place! If you’ve never been to Southern Utah you should definitely add it to your “list” (if you have one, well, doesn’t everyone?).  The scenery is just amazing.  Bright orange and red rocks in all kinds of shapes and formations.  And usually the sky is bright blue which makes a nice contrast.

On Thursday in Moab we biked the famous Slickrock Trail.  This trail is like a playground for bikes.  Bike tires stick to the slickrock (which actually is not slick at all, it’s really sticky) so that you can bike on slopes you wouldn’t normally think possible.  Of course, it takes a lot of skill, strength and bravery to bike up or down very steep slopes anyway… so mostly I just get off my bike and walk 🙂  But there are a lot of things I can do and it’s still a blast.  We brought one camera with us, but unfortunately it’s battery was still plugged into the wall at home charging.  So, no pics.  But it looks pretty much the same as our photos from last year.

Friday we took a shuttle to ride the Porcupine Rim trail.  The shuttle took us much further than we originally anticipated, so it was a REALLY long bike ride.  I’m not sure but I would guess at least 25 miles.  It was mostly downhill – we started way up near the La Sal mountains and biked all the way down to the river.  The views were amazing, especially the parts that were along the rim overlooking castle valley.  Overall it was a fun ride with great views, but a little too technical for my taste (big rocks, drop offs, obstacles, etc).  Here’s some photos:

On Saturday we were too exhausted to do anything active.  So we slept in and then drove around Moab.  It was nice because I’ve never really had extra time in Moab to just sight-see.  We drove on a scenic road near town and saw Native American Petroglyphs (picture carvings on the rock) and even some dinosaur tracks!  You would think dino tracks would be a big deal, with a big sign and roped off, etc.  But nope, just a little sign that pointed them out.  You could even hike up there to see them up close, which we couldn’t resist.  It must not have been a very big dinosaur because the tracks were smaller than I expected.  Here’s some photos from our Saturday excursion:

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