October 26th
written by Bullet-Point Ben

My friend Randy Feist has a pumpkin farm in Kuna, ID.

  • Quite an operation: pumpkins, corn maze, petting zoo, mini-pumpkin slingshot, hay bale maze, hay rides, etc.
  • I didn’t quite get the pictures I wanted – a view of the whole 35 acre party and a few pictures of just the corn maze.  I’m starting to think that real-time video of what the camera is seeing might be handy.
  • I added a servo to the setup, which should have caused the rig to automatically pan left and right, for a total range of 180 degrees.  Not sure it worked though, mostly because I couldn’t get the screw connecting the servo to the rest of the rig tight enough – so the servo was rotating, but not really taking the rig with it.
  • In spite of these difficulties, we got some pretty good pictures…

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