September 16th
written by Alonna

If you read our blog, or any other blogs, you might find yourself checking them frequently only to find that nothing has been updated.  Or you might forget about them and then later when you remember to check there’s 6 months of posts that you’ve missed.  This is why you should setup an RSS reader.

You don’t need to understand what RSS means, but if you want to then just look it up on Google or Wikipedia.  The point is that almost all blogs and news websites allow you to subscribe to them, via RSS feeds.  When you subscribe to an RSS feed you can be notified when the blog has been updated.

The most common way to do this is to use an RSS Reader.  This is especially useful when you want to subscribe to more than just one blog.  There are a lot of free readers out there, but the one I use and recommend is Google Reader.  Just follow that link, sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one, and setup your RSS Reader.  Google will give you all the instructions you need to get started.

When you’re ready to enter an RSS feed, enter our RSS feed address:

Now that you know what RSS feeds are, you will probably start noticing them a lot.  Look for this icon: RSS Feed Most websites which have content that is updated frequently (news websites and blogs) allow you to subscribe to an RSS feed.  Using a Reader can be a really nice way to get all of your news and blog updates in one place.

Happy RSS Reading!

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