September 7th
written by Bullet-Point Ben

Last weekend we spent an hour or two playing around with the kite and camera at Barber Park

  • Table Rock
    Table Rock
  • The new set up – a picavet suspension (Brooxes basic – $55 here).  It holds the camera steady and level.   As for the kite, now that the spreader spars are cut to the exact same length it flies high and steady.
    Angry Rokkaku with Camera
  • A view of Alonna and me hanging out
    Alonna & Ben
  • Boise River and some rafters
    Floaters on the Boise River
  • Canal split off point – the camera is looking straight down on those power lines…
    Canal Split-off


  1. Beth Scott

    Yay!! You accomplished looking straightdown! You should hook it up to your bike sometime and take pics of yourself mountain biking. 🙂

  2. Michael Howard


    Those are great pictures. I like the “hanging out” one.