August 4th
written by Bullet-Point Ben
  • New kite: the Sutton FlowForm 8.  The 8 is for 8 sq ft of material.  Serious Aerial photographers use the FlowForm 30, an 8′ Rokkaku, a Powersled 81, or some other enormous kite.
  • New camera: A Canon SD750 running CHDK (hacked firmware that enables intervalometer functionality).  Note that Canon would prefer that you buy a $1500 SLR and one of these for $150 to enable this very simple functionality
  • Same attachment mechanism – 1/4″ eye-bolt tied to the string.  This has the advantage and disadvantage of swinging around wildly so you get pictures in all directions.  Blurry pictures in all directions, usually.
  • New site: Apple Valley MN.  Here for a wedding.
  • Several decent pictures.  Possibly stronger wind would have allowed the kite to fly higher.  Technologies for keeping the camera level and damping line vibration are readily available – maybe next time…
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