August 10th
written by Bullet-Point Ben
  • Location: Coeur d’Alene Lake in Idaho
  • Same attachment set-up as the last few times.  Eventually I’ll put together something fancier…
  • Assistants: Alonna and my sister Beth
  • Two cool pictures.  Beth is in the second one
  • Trying out another new kite: a 6 foot Delta

    • Actually more like 5 feet.  Made in China.
    • Cost less than $20 on the Internet.
    • Looks like a passenger-less hang glider when it’s in the air.
    • It seems to fly almost straight up, unlike the flowform which has a really low flying angle.
    • It was unstable close to the ground, but letting about 50 feet of string out and just kind of pulling it into the air worked great.
  • Definitely could have let the kite go higher but we were nervous about seaplanes landing on the lake.
  • Both the kite and the camera attached to it drew a lot of attention.
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