August 29th
written by Alonna

Last weekend the Albertus family (plus us two Scott’s) took a weekend trip to a lake in Minnesota.  We stayed at a nice resort called Ruttgers on Bay Lake and took advantage of tons of available activities including: water skiing, swimming, fishing, jumping on the water trampoline, tennis, campfires, Clay’s birthday, board games and yard games.  We had so much fun!  Here’s some of the highlights…

Fishing trip – Cody and Annaliese:

Annaliese kissing her baby fish:

More Fishing photos:

Ben and I spent some time water skiing and attempting new tricks.  My trick was to slalom ski (one ski only).  I was able to start on two, then drop one ski… but didn’t quite make it after that.  However, Ben got this great photo that makes me look like a pro!  (I fell immediately after this shot)

I was pretty good with 2 skiis though:

Ben tried various water skiiing apparatuses, including a wakeboard, kneeboard, and skiis.

Wakeboard:                                     Skiis:


Despite his best efforts, he only had success with plain old water skiis.  Maybe next year.

Here’s a few more photos, including Jenga and Clay’s birthday party.  As you can see, Madisen and Annaliese were busy stealing his gifts and tackling him!  🙂

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  1. Clay

    Awesome Pictures. I enjoyed looking at them. I don’t look at your website enough but whenever I do its really enjoyable. I want a rematch in tennis and jenga. This time I’ll practice first!