August 19th
written by Alonna

Ben, Beth and I rode a “rails-to-trails” bike ride in Northern Idaho called Route of the Hiawatha.  It’s an old train route in the mountains, going through 10 tunnels and over 7 trestles (bridges).  The coolest part was a 1.66 mile long tunnel!  The tunnel was pitch black (bike lamps required), and super cold.  It was damp and only 40 degrees F inside.  We were warned ahead of time to go slow, because if you go fast you’ll get mud splashed in a straight line up your back.  Sure enough, a few guys sped past us and they all had thick mud streaks right up their backs!  Anyway, the scenery was gorgeous and we had a really fun time.  The trail is 15 miles long downhill, then you take a bus back up to the top.  Here’s a few photos from the ride.

Start of the adventure:                                         The view:




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