July 29th
written by Alonna

Ben and I met 7 years ago in Colorado.  At one point during our giddy ‘get to know each other’ phase, we had an e-mail conversation about things that made us happy.  Here’s our lists, feel free to join in.

Things that make Alonna happy (Summer 2001)

  • pickles
  • spotting wild life
  • babies
  • someone tickling my feet
  • wildflowers
  • being right
  • helping people
  • diet coke
  • holding hands
  • Ben writing me poems
  • digital cameras
  • watching Friends and That 70’s Show
  • piano in rock music
  • showing off a big bruise
  • Colorado clouds
  • playing cards with my grandparents
  • fishing with my dad
  • shopping with my mom
  • seeing my family on holidays
  • the Canadian Rockies
  • the smell of mountain air

Things that make Ben happy (Summer 2001)

  • mountain biking
  • pizza
  • driving fast on winding roads in the mountains
  • Cherry Coke
  • snowboarding
  • the Winter Park condo
  • standing on top of a mountain
  • sunsets
  • hanging out with my brother
  • hanging out with my sisters
  • hanging out with my mom
  • making people laugh
  • roasting marshmallows
  • carrot cake
  • fire flies (lightening bugs)
  • getting e-mail from Alonna
  • listening to covers by my favorite bands
  • making analogies
  • when people remember analogies that I make (“it’s kind of like what you said…”)
  • giving poems to Alonna
  • trying new things
  • Saying howdy to friendly strangers
  • hearing good classical music live (Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Beethoven, not the sissy stuff)
  • Goofy t-shirts
  • This game.

Happy Anniversary Ben, I love you!

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  1. Mom Albertus

    Oh, so sweet….(and I’m not being sarcastic) it brought tears to my eyes. Funny how just yesterday I was asking you about how long ago you met, etc. and you never let on. You can keep a secret! I love looking at this blog and reading about your lives. I am so happy for you both. You enjoy so many things together. I have been thinking back a lot lately about what we were doing two years ago – it was such a wonderful, exciting, interesting and fun time. It may have been 2 years ago today that I was at the top of my first 14er – that was awesome!!!! Hope you enjoy another 50 years together. Love you!